Arizona State Parks
River Island Unit at
Buckskin Mountain State Park

Scope of work

FE served as the General Contractor for this project which consisted of the construction of a new water booster station, water storage tank and Iron/ Manganese Greensand treatment facility. The project included the installation of 2″, 3″, and 6″ piping to connect the existing well to the Iron/Manganese treatment facility and then to a new 5,000 gallon bolted steel storage tank. FE installed all the underground and aboveground piping to connect the new booster station to the water distribution system, the water storage tank, and treatment facility.
The project also included the upgrade of the sewer line to accommodate the backwash water from the treatment system along with fencing and grading the site.
At the completion of the installation, FE coordinated commissioning and start-up services between the owner and equipment representatives. Once the commissioning was completed, FE removed the existing booster station and hydro tank from service.

Project details
Owner: Arizona State Parks
Delivery Method:
Role: General Contractor
Contract Value: $465,051
Year Completed: 2011