Fann Environmental has completed a great number of Design-Build projects throughout the state of Arizona. We feel that the Design-Build procurement process lends itself well to the water-wastewater industry. Design-Build allows for the Client and operational staff to be involved right from the start so they can get exactly what they want, designed and built under budget and under a shorter time frame for starting construction. Fann Environmental has excellent working relationships with numerous well-qualified engineering firms that we partner with on Design-Build projects. We select our engineering partners based upon the size of the project and the type of work that will be performed.

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Our Featured projects

Santiago Trail Nitrate Removal Facility

A facility in Casa Grande that includes a Nitrate Removal System, Booster Pump Station, and Storage Tank.

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City of Prescott Well 4 Rehabilitation

The latest in a series of production wells to undergo rehabilitation by FE.

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