Southwest Center Well #8
Arsenic Treatment Facility

Scope of work
This project was designed with two phases. Shortly after the award of the first phase to FE, we negotiated with Arizona Water Company and were awarded the second phase as well.
The first phase included all of the aboveground and underground piping from the existing well to the proposed arsenic treatment system to the distribution system. It also included the backwash tanks and recycle pump station.
The second phase entailed the installation of a Severn Trent Arsenic Treatment System. The system has two 9′ diameter adsorbers utilizing Bayoxide E-33, a granular ferric oxide media. The treatment system has a design flow of 500 gpm and the well capacity is 900 gpm. The blending ratio is using a 44.1% by pass.
Project details
Owner: Arizona Water Company
Delivery Method:
Role: General Contractor
Contract Value: $1,032,237
Year Completed: 2015